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The DRIP Experience

Updated: 05 Nov 2012 04:30AM

Are you ready for live entertainment that uses visual and performance arts to take over your senses and shake you to your core?

Well if you are, get ready to experience one of Orlando’s hottest shows, simply known as DRIP.

This world class entertainment company has performed all over the world but, makes its home in Florida.

The Show

The show uses up close explosions of motions and sounds encapsulated in an industrial dive bar.

Now this show is quite messy, and you may be soaked when it’s over but, you will have had a great time.

The company known as DRIP is an arts entertainment company that is well known for beautifully creative and messy shows with their dancers being some of the best around.

From the “Paint It Black” show in 2006 which featured performances by Jessica Mariko and Marla Mirabel until the present, DRIP has been keeping its fans captivated.

The visuals developed for the shows are unique to cause the audience to experience multiple sensory overloads and keep them on the edge right up until the finale.

Some of the awesome visuals you are likely to see are orange juice rainfalls, printing presses, and even 15 foot wide coffee mounds.

They also use colored sand, flying water, strobe lights and raining paint to give you one unforgettable show.

No matter where you seats are, be prepared to get wet.

the drip experience

Splash Zone

The entire building is wet territory.

When the splashing starts, there is nowhere to run; so just sit back, relax and have fun with it.

The dress code for the show is comfortable; you wouldn’t want to get your nice clothes all soaking wet now would you?

A pair of blue jeans, a T-shirt, and some tennis shoes will do just fine.

For those that want to enjoy some refreshments, they have beer and wine for you to purchase.

They also have DRIP merchandise for sale.

With music guidance by the Director for the Blue Man Group, you are in for something amazing.

Live Band

Under his direction, the live rock band will play the music that makes it hard for you to stand still, which is exactly what they want, so go ahead and rock out with them.

You will be on your feet the entire time, as if you were at a high energy rock concert but, instead of there being thousands of people, there will only be 100.

Parents leave the kiddies at home, this is an adult’s only show.

DRIP will kick of its new show in November at its new location at 8747 International Drive, Orlando.

Be there to experience the newest version of the DRIP experience.

No matter what plans you have made during your stay in Orlando; you must see DRIP.

With amazing dancers, a stage show filled with explosive movements, extraordinary colors and music to keep your rocking; you can’t miss it.

Become a part of something wet and wild that you want soon forget.

DRIP is the must see show in Orlando.


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